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Win the Pack Your Lunch Game.

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Win the Pack Your Lunch Game.

Packing your lunch doesn't have to be a drag. Here's some reasons why.



Next Tuesday, March 10, is National Pack Your Lunch Day. Are you excited? Are you ready? Because we are excited and ready! Spring’s peeks around the corner have us dreaming of weekday picnics, but we’re also a strange bunch of kids who like to impress with our culinary creations - the food itself and the presentation. That’s normal, right?


It’s not even noon and your tummy is screaming, "Feed me, Seymour!" A typical solution is to bask in the convenience and options available on the helpful little screen in your pocket. And who can blame you? There’s barely enough time in the day to breathe, let alone pack lunch for tomorrow. The last thing you want to do when you get home from work is more work, right? But - hear us out - what if it’s all about perspective? Why not reframe packing lunch from work to a game - a game with prizes!


We’re not going to lie, Winning the Lunch Game will take organization and pre-planning. But that's okay because prizes. Did we mention prizes? There are so many prizes! What are the prizes?


Win More Dollars in Your Pocket. Smart money people on the internet claim that you can save $2,400 dollars a year by making your own lunches. TWO THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. You could do things with that money: Spend it. Save it. Donate it. Roll around in it, if that's your thing (we don't know your life). You could do all of those things plus still have some cash in your pocket to spend on fun socks at Silver in the City.


Win More Healthiness in Your Body. Bringing your lunch to work helps you control what you’re eating. You control the portion size, salt, sugar, and fatty content that will affect your energy and how well you get through that 3pm meeting with your boss. Also, seriously, can you even be sure how long that sandwich was sitting there before you ordered it or what's even in that sad salad? When you make the food, you know the ingredients and you know how fresh it is. Boom.


Win More Positive Impacts on Your Planet. Did you know that half of all litter is fast food garbage? Are you aware that the food industry is dragging its heels on recyclable and compostable packaging? Preparing lunch helps reduce waste from all the plastic wrappers, containers, straws, napkins, and bags that end up in landfills. Throwing away less stuff means something. Packing your lunch is an Environmental Action that makes difference. 


Win More Time. This one might seem counterintuitive because, yes, you do have to take time to plan and prep lunches. But you actually spend more time on acquiring food than you think. It easily takes 30 minutes: deciding what you want, waiting in line, ordering, and waiting adds up. Making lunches at home takes about 1-2 hours at one time to prep everything, instead of 3.5 hours spread throughout the week.


Win More Fun! Seriously. Don’t roll your eyes. The benefits of planning and prepping far exceed any pitfalls, and the internet is a wealth of information for tips, recipes, and new skills. It’s a new hobby. That’s big fun, right? But wait, there's more! Think of that burst of joy you'll feel when you open your supercute lunch box to reveal more supercute environmentally friendly reusable packaging and your water bottle with all the rad stickers. We’re biased toward the amazing products that we sell, but there are a ton of options out there. Then bask in the envious glances and oohs and aahs from your co-workers when you actually reveal the tasty and healthy lunch you packed (real talk: even pb&j is luxe with cute presentation). Meanwhile, no joke, if you can dig up your metal Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox from 1983, you are the biggest lunchiest winner of all time.


In summary: Making your own lunches doesn’t have to be a drag and there are so many benefits (aka prizes!) of doing it regularly. But it should be fun (like a game) and, as always, you should treat yourself with kindness in everything.


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