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Too Many Names.

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Too Many Names.

We ask that when you read these stories you ask yourself, “Would the outcome have been different if this person was white.” 

On Sunday, May 31st, following a day of protests, we made the difficult decision to board up our store.  Tired of seeing news reporting focused about property damage, rather than the earlier protests and attention to the issue at hand, we decided that we would use our boards to serve as a reminder of the many black lives lost to law enforcement officers and racist acts. Following the installation, we worked to research and provide links to the stories of the victims shown. It is important to note that this is not a complete list. 


We ask that when you read these stories you ask yourself, “Would the outcome have been different if this person was white.” 


To the families, we mourn your loss.  To the victims, may you rest in peace.


Aaron Bailey

Abdul Kamal

Adam Trammell

Ahmaud Arbery

Aiyana Jones

Akai Gurley

Albert Davis 

Alexander Jamar Marion

Allen Desunes

Alonzo Smith

Alteria Woods

Alton Sterling

Amadou Diallo

Armando Frank

Andre Horton

Andre Green

Anesson Joseph

Anthony Antonio Ford

Anthony Batey

Anthony Dwayne Harris

Anthony Hill

Anthony Marcell Green

Antonio Garcia Jr 

Antwon Rose II 

Aries Clark

Arthur McAfee Jr.

Arthur Walton Jr

Askari Roberts

Asshams Manley

Atatiana Jefferson

Bennie Branch 

Bettie Jones 

Bisbar Hassan

Bobby Gross

Botham Jean

Brandon Devon Smith

Brandon Jones

Brendon Glenn

Breonna Taylor

Brian Easly

Bryon Williams

Calvin Toney

Calvon Reid

Cameron Tillman

Cedric Stanley

Cedrick Chatman

Chad Robertson

Chance David Baker

Channara Tom Pheaps

Charles D. Roundtree Jr

Charles David Robinson

Charles K Goodridge

Charly Leuden Keunang

Chinedu Valentine Okobi

Christian Taylor

Christopher Alexander Okamoto

Christopher Goodlow

Christopher McCorvey

Christopher Wade

Cimarron Lamar Lamb

Claude Reese

Clifford Glover

Clifton Armstrong

Clinton Allen

Corey Jones 

Corey Mobley

Craig Demps

Cynthia Fields

D’Angelo Stallworth

D’ettrick Griffin

Dajuan Graham

Daniel Simmons

Danny Ray Thomas

Dante Parker

Darien Hunt

Darrell Lawrence Brown

Darrell Richards

Darrian M Barnhill

Darrius Stewart

Daryll Blair

David Andre Scott

David Felix

David McAtee

Deandre Lloyd Starks

Deantre L. Dorsey

Deaundre Phillips

Deion Fludd

Dejuan Guillory

Dennis Plowden Jr.

Denzel Brown

DeShon Downing

Devin Howell

Dewboy Lister

Diricco Devante Holden

Dominique Clayton

Donald Ivy

Dreasjon Reed

Dylan Samuel-Peters

Eleanor Northington

Elijah Glay

Elijiah McClain

Emanuel African Methodist Church

Eric Courtney Harris

Eric Garner

Eric Reason

Eric Ricks

Ernest Satterwhite

Euree Lee Martin

Ezell Ford

Fred Bradford Jr

Freddie Blue

George Floyd

George Harvey

George Mann

George Robbison

Geraldine Townsend

Gregory Lewis Towns Jr

Hallis Kinsey

Herbert Gilbert

Iretha Lilly

Jack Lamar Robinson

Jamar Clark

James Leatherwood

Jason Moland

Jean Pedro Pierre

Jeffery B. Lilly

Jeffrey Ragland

Jeremy Lake

Jeremy Lett

Jermaine Darden

Jermaine McBean

Jerome C. Reid

Jerome Keith Allen

Jesse Jesus Quinton

Jessica Williams

Jimmie Montel Sanders

Jimmy Atchinson

John Crawford III

John T Wilson III

Jonathan Sanders

Jonathan Ferrell

Jordan Baker

Jordan David

Jordan Edwards

Jordan Michael Griffin

Joshua Beal

Joshua Terrell Crawford

Joshua Wayne Harvey

Juan Markee Jones

Juan May

Julian Dawkins

Julius Graves

Kaldrick Donald

Keita O’Neal

Keith Scott

Kendall Alexander

Kendra Diggs

Kendrick Brown

Kenneth Johnson

Keoshia L Hill

Keshawn Stewart

Kevin Bajoie

Kevin Bruce Manson

Kevin Hicks

Kevin Higgenbotham

Kevin Leroy Beasley Jr.

Kevin Matthews

Kris Jackson

Lamont Perry 

Larry Eugene Jackson Jr.

Lashano J Gilbert

Lavon King

Lawrence Hawkins

Lionel Gibson

Lorenzo Antoine Cruz - 

Mack Long

Mahlon Edward Sumriour

Mansur Ball-Bey

Maquez Warren

Marcus David L Peters

Marcus McVae

Mario Clark

Marlon Brown

Mark Anthony Blocker

Mark Roshan Adkins

Marlon Horton

Marlon Lewis 

Marlon S Woodstock

Marzues Scott

Maurice Holley

McHale Rose

Micah Anthony Key

Michael Lorenzo Dean

Michael Noel

Michael Smith

Mike Brown

Mike Taylor

Montez Dewayne Hambric

Montrell Moss 

Muhammad Abdul Muhaymin

Naeschylus Vinzant

Nana Adomako

Natasha McKenna

Nicholas Walker

Norman Cooper

Oliver Gregoire

Oluwatoyin Salau

Oscar Grant

Patricia Spivey

Philando Castile

Phillip White

Quanice Derrick Hayes  

Quintine Barksdale

Randy Evans 

Rashawn Washington

Rayshard Brooks

Raynard Burton

Rem'mie Fells

Renisha McBride

Riah Milton

Richard Gregory Davis

Ricky Hinkle

Ritchie Lee Harbisom

Robert Lawrence White

Robert V. Logan

Roderick Ronall Taylor

Ronell Foster

Ronnie Ledesma Jr

Ross Anthony

Roy Lee Richards

Russel Lydell Smith

Ryan Lee Stokes

Ryan Twyman

Sabin Marcus Jones  

Salvado Ellswood

Samuel Dubose

Sandra Bland

Sean Bell

Sherida Davis

Sherman Evans

Spencer McCain

Stephon Clark

Tamir Rice

Tanisha N Anderson

Tashii Brown

Tawon Boyd

Terrance Moxley

Terrence Carlton

Terence Crutcher

Terry Laffitte

Terry Price

Thomas Allen Jr

Thomas Williams

Thomas Yatsko

Tony McDade

Tony Terrell Robinson

Trayvon Martin

Treon Johnson

Trey Ta’Quan Pringle Sr / Trey Pringle

Troy Robinson

Tyree King

Tyrone Davis

Tyrone West

Vernell Bing Jr.

Victo Larosa III

Walter Scott

Warren Ragudo

William Alfred Harvey III

William Chapman

William Matthew Holmes

Willie James Sams

Willie Lee Bingham Jr.  

Willie Neall Harden

Xavier Tyrell Johnson

Yvette Smith

Yvonne Smallwood

Zikarious Flint



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