The Essential Slow Cooker Cookbook

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Many cooks who want to prepare healthy, homey meals feel that they don't have the time, but this cookbook proves them wrong.

Slow cooking is ideal for people with all kinds of lifestyles, from parents and students to busy professionals, all who want to come home to a great meal.

These simple recipes cut down the shopping bill too.

Cheaper cuts of meat are ideal for a slow cooker, as are inexpensive legumes such as lentils.

Recipes include Thai Pumpkin Soup; Creamy Potato, Thyme and Bacon Bake; Slow-cooked Ham in Cola; Chinese Duck with Star Anise and Plum Sauce; Butter Chicken; Strawberry, Apple and Lavender Jam; and Cardamom Rice Pudding with Honey-Roasted Figs.

With so many quick and easy recipes, this stylish book will prove an invaluable addition to every cook's kitchen.

Includes dual measurements.

Pavilion Publishing

256 pages

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