The Complete Slow Cooking for Two

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Twosomes who share a kitchen—but not the desire to spend all day in it—face a quandary: buy cheap but unhealthy takeout or sink time into preparing whole foods meals that they’re likely to end up eating for days and days. With this cookbook, a third option is now on the table-er, countertop: good-for-you slow cooker meals that save hours and are portioned precisely for duos.

Think slow cookers are only for soups and stews? Let Linda Larsen, master of the slow cooker, introduce you to the best of the best slow cooker recipes for all kinds of meals, from tender meats to seasoned vegetables to breakfasts, and more.

In addition, you’ll find: 10 must-know do’s and don'ts of slow cooking A guide to the meats that are best for slow cooking Tips for converting a stove-top recipe to the slow cooker The reasons why heavy-duty aluminum foil is a slow cooker’s best friend Recipes for 3- or 3½-quart slow cookers that include prep and cook times; nutritional information; and labels that highlight gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, vegetarian or vegan meals

Recipes include: Bone Broth, Chicken Stew with Gnocchi, Cuban Pork and Black Beans, Mussels with Tomato Curry, Mexican Lasagna, Chocolate-Cherry Lava Cake, and more!

267 pages

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